Handoko Harsetio’s Portfolio


Fundraising Letter


In this project, I’m honing my skills as a media writer by crafting impactful fundraising letters. These letters are essential for effectively communicating the needs and objectives of an organization, educating potential donors, and inspiring support for the cause. Through this exercise, I’m learning to tailor my messaging for different audiences and situations, identifying appropriate contexts for various types of fundraising letters. I’m illustrating the communication needs of the organization by crafting persuasive narratives that highlight the impact of donations and the importance of ongoing support. Overall, this project provides me with practical experience in using fundraising letters to advance organizational goals and drive support for worthy causes.

Prevention of Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (P-OCSEA)

Social Media Post


In this project, the task is to create eight social media posts for a fashion look book brand. Each post will be tailored for different social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The goal is to effectively showcase the brand’s fashion offerings, engage with the audience, and drive traffic to the brand’s website or store. The posts will incorporate key elements of a professional social media post, including keywords, hashtags, imagery, and links. Proper grammar, spelling, and an attractive layout are essential to create engaging and shareable content. The project will demonstrate the ability to craft compelling social media posts tailored to specific platforms and audiences.


E-Mail Blast


As a media consultant for a restaurant, I’ve been tasked with creating an engaging e-blast to be sent to our database of customers, aimed at promoting our location, highlighting specific items on our menu, and enticing recipients with a special offer. This e-blast will serve to increase customer engagement, drive traffic to our establishment, and ultimately boost revenue.